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About Us

SEP, Inc. is a solution provider in LED screen technology that develops and provides LED display panel solutions for multiple indoor & outdoor applications, including digital signage, media and entertainment events, and sports arenas. With numerous technological breakthroughs to its name, SEP has been establishing itself as a leading solution provider in the LED screen industry that holds itself to the highest standards of quality & service. 

SEP provides service to over 200 events a year:

  • Product Launches & Promotions
  • Sporting & Special Events
  • Conference & Exhibition

Technological Breakthroughs

In 1987, Special Event Production, Inc. began by providing electronic scoreboards for the Camel GT auto racing, Camel Pro motorcycle racing programs, Winston Cup Series road races and Winston rodeo events. In 1987, SEP participated in the design of a new scoreboard system for Vantage Golf. The ten-board system included a state of the art control room in the trailer, a portable structure system designed for golf courses nationwide and the first two-way data radio system ever to be used in electronic golf scoring. The scores were relayed to the truck using hand held terminals at each green and the truck sent the data to the scoreboards. The scoreboards were powered by golf cart and had wind detection systems to automatically lower the board if the wind gusted over 45 mph. As our business has evolved we continue to deliver the highest quality service to now over 100 PGA TOUR®, Champions Tour, and Web.com Tour tournaments each year.

Special Events

In 2003, SEP designed an LED system for use as video screens or scoreboards. The system consists of five Daktronics® ProStar™ LED video screens with steel support structures, utility cart, and a state of the art control room in the trailer. Each year this rig travels to events around the country providing event information, scores, and sponsorship opportunities. That same year SEP purchased its first Daktronics® ProStar™ truck-mount LED video screen. This wall measures 17 feet high by 23 feet wide and is mounted on a 48 foot flatbed trailer. The unit has its own whisper watt generator for power, it may be lifted up over 15 feet and it is capable of 360 degree rotation. The control room houses the computer systems necessary to display graphics, real time scoring data, pre-programmed video segments, and live video feeds. With the addition of this screen, SEP became a leader in special event supplier, adding festivals, concerts and other outdoor events to their schedule.


Today, SEP has three 20mm truck-mount screens measuring 17 feet by 23 feet, two 10mm trailer-mount screens measuring 10 feet high by 17 feet wide, two more 10mm trailer mount screens measuring 9 feet high by 16 feet wide, two 5.9mm screens in enclosed trailers measuring 10 feet high x 17 feet wide, one 12HD screen mounted in a box truck measuring 9 feet high x 16 feet wide. We also have 108 of 8mm modular panels measuring 720mm high x 640mm wide and 200 of 4.8mm modular panels measuring 500mm high x 500mm wide. These are capable of building any configuration the customer wants. 

Together with our team of Technical Specialists, we provide a one stop service from pre-event consultation to supply and execution.

As an established leader in LED video display industry, SEP prides itself on developing a wide range of fixed installation; rental and control systems that have continue to create valuable impact for our customers. SEP is proud to display Daktronics® and Liantronics® indoor/outdoor LED video systems. Our screens look amazing in direct sunlight or at night.

Packages can include:

  • Full color sponsor logos
  • Event information
  • Pre-recorded video segments
  • Computer video files
  • Satellite TV signal
  • Live video simulcast
  • Scoring interface for immediate display of results
  • Up to six camera video production services

SEP is committed to providing our customers the technology & resources that create the professional look and feel their event needs to take it to the next level. Together with our team of Technical Specialists, we provide a one stop service from pre-event consultation to supply and execution.
We invite you to take a look at our full video packages consisting of up to 3 cameras along with the full production mix of your event.

Call today for a free consultation 1800-327-2352.

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