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PS11, 9' H x 16' W, Daktronics 12HD DIP

PS-11 LED Video Screen, 9' H x 16' W, Daktronics® PST™ 12HD Outdoor Series
This video screen is a proprietary design of Daktronics. The pixels are verticle and offset to give superior side viewing angles. The pixel pitch is 12.5 mm and the resolution of the screen is 216 high x 384 wide. When raised above the top of the truck, top and side sign frames are available for use.


This video screen is housed in a 28' box truck on a Kenworth chassis. The overall length of the truck is 37'. The screen can be raised above the top of the truck and rotated up to 360 degrees or lowered back into position so that the screen is viewable in the side of the truck. This screen is available with a built in audio system. When the screen is raised, speakers are on either side of the screen. When it is lowered, the speakers built into the truck are used alone.

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